Dahua Smart PSS

Works on all popular operating systems. The main purpose of the program is to work on desktop computers, laptops and nettops.

For mobile systems, there are analogs of Smart PSS – such as DMSS, gDMSS, gDMSS plus, iMou Life. These applications are available for download in the mobile stores Google Play Market and Apple APP Store.

If for some reason you can not download the program from your store, you can download the desired program or application on our website, in the appropriate section.

Smart PSS for Windows
Download Smart PSS for WIndows

Smart PSS for Windows

  • For Windows 11, 10, 8,7, XP
  • For 32 and 64 bit systems

Smart PSS Dahua for Mac OS
Download Smart PSS for WIndows

Smart PSS for Mac

  • For Mac OSx and later

Software for Android and iOS
Download Smart PSS for WIndows

For iOS and Android

  • Multiple app options
  • Can use cloud service
  • Works by recording to the cloud

Users of Dahua video surveillance systems do not have to have a static IP address from their internet provider at all. Dahua offers a P2P cloud service, thanks to which you can monitor your system even via mobile Internet, using several SIM cards of operators.

Smart PSS allows you to add an object using a static or local IP address, or using the serial number of the camera or recorder.